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Heartbeat Diamond Pendant

In our 2014 Valentine’s Day ad, take a look at the Heartbeat Diamond Pendant as well as some Philip’s Collection pieces designed and built here at Philip’s Diamond Shop.

“Philip’s Diamond Shop’s Heartbeat Diamond Pendants shake and shimmer with every heartbeat. They need to be seen to be believed, and starting at $99 they’re the easiest way to make her heart skip this Valentine’s Day. Also, come see what we can design for you, our custom designers are always up to something exciting!

Philip’s Diamond Shop, serving the Marion and Cedar Rapids area since 1976.”

Ladies! Are you ready to be dazzled and amazed? Gentlemen! Are you ready to make your Christmas shopping super easy this year?

Behold the Heartbeat Diamond Pendant!

The Heartbeat Diamond Pendant from Philip’s Diamond Shop actually beats with your heart. It shines and shimmers as it moves back and forth with every movement of the wearer. The movements make your diamond dance and shine, pulling even more brilliance from your already beautiful diamond! They are ridiculously fun to look at and fit any budget. Starting as low as $99 and available in metals ranging from sterling silver, to 14k yellow, white and rose gold, and even 18k gold, the possibilities are endless. It’s the easiest gift of the Christmas season! Come see one for yourself, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it.

The video below is one of the silver Heartbeat Diamond pendants.

You can pretty clearly see the innovative setting that allows the diamond to float freely and move with the wearer. The best part about the Heartbeat Diamond Pendant is that, unlike a lot of other moving diamond pendant ideas, this one is super easily visible all the time. It doesn’t get flipped over and stop working while you’re wearing it. It’s simple and absolutely captivating to look at.

This is a quick video we shot ourselves to try to show you what the pendant looks like in real life. The best part about this video is that the Heartbeat Diamond Pendant is actually prettier in real life than even in these videos!


We’re always on the lookout for jewelry that we bring you that both packs a big shiny punch but doesn’t pack a big price-tag. That’s why we were so excited when we found Athra Luxe! The pieces in the Athra Luxe collection are comprised of sterling silver, 14k gold over sterling silver, and brass and set with black diamond crystals, cubic zirconia, freshwater pearls and black onyx. Featuring rings, necklaces and earrings, there is something for everyone here. With pieces starting as low as $40, how can you go wrong?!





Gentlemen, you’re never going to wonder what to get her again.

The Add-a-Link bracelet makes choosing a gift easy, as each special occasion you have, you can build a little more towards an amazing diamond bracelet, one link at a time.

Promise made.

Our Kaspar & Esh Add-a-Link bracelet gives you the opportunity to build a lasting testament to your love – one link at a time. Start building an Add-a-Link bracelet at your next special occasion and make it grow over the years as an investment in your relationship. Each link will commemorate a special occasion – a birthday, Christmas, an anniversary – and when your bracelet is complete, we’ll send it back to Kaspar & Esh for complimentary 14k gold riveting and factory refinishing.

Promise Kept.

The Add-a-Link bracelet is easy to wear, easy to maintain and makes an amazingly easy gift. They’ve more than 100 styles to choose from and the styles are never retired, so you’ll never be stuck not being able to finish a bracelet. Not only that, but Kaspar & Esh are a company with four generations of family ownership and management and they manufacture right here in the United States. Multi-generational manufacturing of high-quality jewelry? That’s something we can relate to over here at Philip’s Diamond Shop.

Look at just a few of these other Add-a-Link styles: