Jewelry gets us all hot and bothered over here. Whether it’s amazing custom jewelry that we’re designing or crazy old jewelry that we’re getting to see and experience. The ring below was found buried with a viking woman and has Arabic writing on it, suggesting that vikings and the Islamic world had contact far before modern scholars realized. All from a ring! Jewelry is so much more than just a shiny thing on your finger, the story it tells can span hundreds or even thousands of years. I’ll try to cover a bit more about ancient jewelry and ancient jewelry customs here in the future, until then, take a look at this amazing ring and the story behind it!

Another interesting thing to note about the ring, although it was thought to be an amethyst for some time, it turns out the ring was actually colored glass, which today is looked down upon as cheap, but at the time of the ring’s creation, was quite the fancy thing to be wearing. If we polished it up a little bit would you still wear it? The design is timeless!